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This book and study guide are for Christian prayer groups and study groups.

“Wandering through Life” is a 48-page, 8-1/2” x 8-1/2” hardcover Christian gift book filled with inspirational stories and more! Jesus told us to love ourselves, our God
and our neighbors. This is the perfect Christian gift to reach out in love, share hope and encourage others. The quality images feature beautiful color photography. Poems, articles and stories motivate us to learn a new way of living – using our gifts and studying God’s Word. It includes recipes, helpful hints, a bookmark and verses of KJV scripture.

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Study Guide:
The “Wandering through Life” Study Guide is an 80-page, 6”x9” paperback
Christian study guide filled with motivational points to consider! ISBN 2370000171481

This study guide was created to help people prioritize, organize and implement Matthew 22:37-39 in real life. Our Lord did not say these were just good ideas: He said they were commandments. That means we don’t just think about it: we do it!

Each study guide topic has space for your written notes regarding considerations, on commitments you decide to make, opportunities for reflection and action items you choose to implement! We can’t change the world, but we can influence our circle of friends, family, colleagues and neighbors!

This Study Guide is based on a book about hope and how to share it!

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